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The training of any dog requires enough time and plenty of patience. The training process varies from each breed of dog. For a quick and effective training, dog training aids are the right tool for the job. PLUS we have FREE Shipping on items over $50.

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Petsafe PDBDT-305
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Dogtra Platinum 1/2 Mile
Remote Trainer
Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker
G3 Expandable

Main Features of Dog Training Aids

Dog Training Aids are composed of 2 essential parts: a receiver that is attached to an all-weather collar and a hand-held remote control which sends a signal to the receiver. All of our remote dog training aids consist of a handheld transmitter that operates the collar remotely via a short or medium range radio frequency. The collar will deliver a harmless sensation to dog when the button is pressed from the transmitter. The low continuous stimulation levels and gradual increases between levels are particularly useful with sensitive dogs or breeds.

The dog training market has developed a number of electronic dog training aids with various types and functions to suit any dog needs and activities. The people of Dog Training Aids 4 Less offer around 50 different kinds of remote dog training aids. The electronic dog training aid is a special type of device meant to be used in conjunction with an electronic training system for dog training. The remote dog training aids work by transmitting a radio signal between the remote and the collar. When the collar receives the signal, the collar probes deliver a safe continuous or momentary (whichever you choose) electrical stimulus to the dog. This sensation is designed to get the dog's attention to correct the behavior and not at all meant to harm.

With such a wide variety of dog training aids to choose from, be careful in selecting the right product that will suit both you and your dog. The dog's size is one of the main considerations to take into account. Small electronic training aids with a lower radio frequency were made for smaller dogs, while large remote training aids with high radio frequency are for bigger dogs. A large collar on a small dog will be uncomfortable, while a small collar on a big dog may give a weak static correction and your dog may not respond to the stimulus. Many electronic training collars are clearly marked what size of dog the collar is intended for. Proper use of our training aids will create an effective and humane method of training for any dog owner.

Each breed of dog is unique and may require a different approach to basic dog training. This process may be long and difficult, but with the help of one of our many dog training aids you will have a well mannered and obedient dog in no time. As long as the instructions in the manual are followed and the product is not misused, dog training can be easy and effective. The stimulus administered viewed as an annoying sensation that will help you to teach your dog good behavior, ignore distractions, and to listen to commands. Corrections via dog training aid should only be given when the dog exhibits the undesirable behavior. It should not be used too frequently, as the dog may adapt and ignore the stimulus.

With electronic dog training aids becoming more affordable, dog owners can now purchase these products and enjoy the myriad of benefits they offer without spending a lot. Savvy manufacturers and marketers will continue to develop dog training aids for the comfort and safety of our beloved dogs, just for the convenience and peace of mind of the owners. Try Today!

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